To Succeed: You Must Produce More Than You Consume


Take a moment to be aware of how you spent your time yesterday. Be honest with yourself. Reflect, what did you do when you woke up? Did you wake up and check your Facebook like many young Americans do?

While it may seem that checking your social media right when you wake up is not a big deal; it really is. Your brain starts the day in reward mode, seeking more and more mindless consumption of information that other people have produced. This becomes part of your diet and you will start to hunger for more.

The life of a farmer is successful because they produce more than they consume. Instead of waking up and checking Facebook, they are waking up and taking care of their animals and the livelihood of their farm.

You need to change from a mindset of: What can I buy? What can I buy? What do I need? What do I want? What can I buy?

To developing a mindset of: What can I produce? What can I sell? What unique skills and talents do I have? What can I offer the world?

My goal is that this post will empower someone to say you’re right, I do have some strengths, I can produce something. Most of you will come up with several excuses to justify your past habits, behaviors, and overall lifestyle which is fine; I do not care. In fact, the only person that actually cares about your excuses and who will be hurt by them is yourself.

But I honestly do not know what to produce.

Fair point, everyone has this struggle to some degree. Start small. Want to improve the mental health of people in your community? Write one paragraph about mental health issues you notice in your day to day life. I have a belief that everyone can produce something, in life there is a magical effect where the more you try the more you get. 

Producing Becomes Addictive

Your brain is an addict. In order to live a more healthy and successful life, you should focus on forming healthy addictions. This is something that adds value to yourself and others and is enjoyable. Assign a fake monetary value to work even if you are not paid at all. This will help motivate you to get started. Focus first on something that you have a strength or interest in.

Get Started

I will not accept the excuse that you do not have any special gifts or talents because guess what, no one does. We are all human. With effort and practice you can improve. If you are simply consuming all day, you will never build upon any talents or abilities. If I ask your English teacher to grade the very first paper you wrote compared to your last, I’m sure that your last would be worse because you realized the teacher isn’t reading the whole paper and you became lazy (kidding). Of course, you would expect to see an improvement! Why? By producing, you practiced and developed a skill.

You can easily offer value by simply starting a blog, making a youtube video, and of course through your daily interactions with others. Be creative. What is a change you would like to see in the world? Again, do not worry about fear of judgement. If you are not perfect at something that is okay! In fact, by attempting to teach and produce, this will force you to learn and grow. For example, if one huge goal of yours is to perfect the art of “the putt” in golf, consider blogging about your journey along with tips and tricks that have helped you along the way. Can you see how this would not only add value to others but also to yourself? Go get em’ Tiger! 

Remember that you alone are responsible for your life path, you can either choose to live through conscious design or you will go through life unconscious.


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