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Our Mission Our goal is to help everyday investors make better investment selections and accelerate their financial independence. The purpose of this site is to help...

Three Pillars of Successful Investing

I. Remain Long-Term Oriented A. Envision your retirement and the time-frame required to get there B. Be patient C. Practice mastery over self through discipline II. Save a...

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

This is a book you must own, BUY IT HERE: "The Intelligent Investor" was written by Benjamin Graham and teaches about the fundamentals of...

A Case For Caution

The reason to be cautious in the market today is not due to lack of growth. The (projected) growth is there, however, investors are...

How to Pick Winning Stocks An old video but a good explanation of the most important business metrics to look for. If you enjoyed this video, please share it...