Box: Earnings Story


It has been a wild week for IPOs after the social media giant Snap Inc.(NYSE:SNAP) finally went public and hit the ground running with a $35 billion market capitalization. Whether or not Snap can ever live up to its sky high valuation or whether Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Instagram will cripple Snap, only time will tell. What we do know though, is that huge IPOs like Snap frequently consume most of the attention, and other valuable stock IPOs can sometimes fly under the radar. In January, 2015 a cloud based enterprise storage provider and mobile business collaboration platform, Box Inc. (NYSE:BOX) went public. The IPO failed to generate the hype of a Facebook, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), Alibaba (NYSE:BABA), or Snap, however, the company could be an interesting growth play going forward in 2017.

Box went public just over two years ago and its stock surged from the IPO. After the IPO though, its share price declined most of 2015, and then found a bottom in 2016. This year, Box had seen its share price run up almost 20%, but after its latest earnings call on March 1, 2017, Box saw its share price fall 8%. The story behind the recent price action could be an intriguing one.

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