Wide Moat & Profitable Growth – Free 30 Day Trial



We are now offering a 30 day trial for our Wide-Moat & Profitable Growth portfolio.

Our service will focus on providing our subscribers with our highest conviction picks and alerting them whenever we make a buy or sell recommendation.

Our service will also include a monthly newsletter with all holdings, a buy watchlist, a fair value estimate for each stock, and more!

Subscribers will also be able to chat with us and discuss ideas, ask questions, and gain new insights.

Why Join?

We have created this service for two simple reasons:

1) We want to help everyday investors learn how to manage a portfolio, make better investment selections, and outperform the general market.

2) As the cost of reading our articles jumped up to $50 a month, we felt we could offer more value to our followers through an investment newsletter service with live buy and sell alerts.

What type of partner are we looking for?

Our service is geared towards growth oriented investors with a time horizon beyond 10 years. We consider our subscribers our partners and as such we seek those who share our simple philosophy of following the cash. In The Theory of Investment Value, by John Burr Williams, the basic premise is that:

“The value of any stock, bond, or business today is determined by the cash inflows and outflows – discounted at the appropriate interest rate – that can be expected to occur during the remaining life of the asset.”

To those unfamiliar with our work, we started on the Seeking Alpha website and our articles moved to the “PRO research” section where readers would have to pay $50 a month to view our articles. We decided that we could offer more value to our subscribers by doing our own service and offering live buy and sell alerts, managing a growth portfolio, setting price targets, macroeconomic research, and encouraging readers that the long road of investing is worth taking.

We seek and invest in great businesses that have a high return on invested capital, a sustainable competitive advantage, and strong free cash flow. We love to research and find these great businesses and then articulate their value clearly and succinctly to our subscribers.

When I join what will I receive?

– Email or texts alerts whenever we buy or sell any position in our growth portfolio.
– Exclusive growth picks offered only to our subscribers.
– A monthly portfolio review versus the S&P 500 which includes the impact of all of the buy and sell decisions we have made.
– A monthly market update, buy watchlist, and market commentary from our team.
– Five Year Price Targets
– Macro economic analysis to guide you through volatility

How is it going so far?

In 2017, our performance was 37% compared to the S&P 500 performance of 22%. While we are pleased with what our research has produced, we know that it will take many years of out performance to gain the trust of our subscribers. We have some ideas in the pipeline we are excited to share and discuss with our subscribers. What gets us up every morning is having the challenge and opportunity to help everyday investors reach their goals whether it be retirement or investing a college fund.

Right now we are offering a 30-day trial and we invite you to come check out our service and share with a friend!

Thanks for your interest,

– Robinhood Strategy Team


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