Why M1 Finance is the PERFECT Tool for Our Subscribers


First of all, what is M1 Finance? 

M1 Finance is a Member of SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. Since they are the new kid on the block I felt this bit of reassurance was necessary.

Secondly, M1 Finance automates your investing for you. You simply create your portfolio and when you add money M1 will automatically invest in the portfolio you’ve created. This is all with no commissions (similar to the Robinhood app we praise).

How can M1 Benefit Our Subscribers? 

The biggest problem with most investors is they need to get out of their own way! Active investors typically do more harm than good with constant buying and selling of stocks when they should be simply buying and holding great businesses. M1 Finance allows for a set it and forget it approach to portfolio management.

When many people start investing, they begin with a sum such as $100 or $1,000. In the past, with this amount of money, subscribers could not follow our exact portfolio make-up because it would cost too much money up front. With M1 Finance that problem is solved! You could pick exactly the same high-performing stocks we recommend in our newsletter, allocate money each month ($0 fees), and let the M1 automation re-balance for you.

In this way – we do the research, you get to sit back, save and allocate, and watch your money go to work. The best solutions are often the most simple!


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