Top FREE Investor Resources


Below are some of the top investor resources and why I think they should be in every investor’s toolbox. Bookmark this page (and your favorite pages from the list below).

Stock News

Yahoo Finance – good website for a bird’s-eye view of the market. My favorite feature is typing in a stock – such as Amazon (AMZN) shown below – and clicking on analysis to quickly see the average, low, and high analyst estimates for earnings and sales. This helps to pick forward estimates that are conservative rather than always taking an average or “best-case-scenario.”

Seeking Alpha – we have been a part time contributor to this website for many years. For DIY investors this is a great resource to find retirement tips, individual stock analysis, and macroeconomic insights. Our favorite resource is the “Wall Street Breakfast” which is a daily overview of the stock market and the major news of the day.


Stock Twits – this site is the Twitter of the stock market. Quickly see trending companies and find out what stocks are hot and what market sentiment has to say about various securities. The best feature is the clearly laid out earnings calendar. We post often on StockTwits as well so check us out for our quick trade ideas.

Fundamental Analysis

Morningstar – great website for mutual fund analysis and portfolio tracking. We use Morningstar premium to track our performance for our “Wide-Moat Profitable Growth” portfolio.

You can get a full financial overview picture in excel very easily, which I like to do as a starting point for analysis. Simply type in a ticker in the search bar at the top, after it loads click the “Key Ratios” area and then click “Full Key Ratios Data.”

Other top places to go for Fundamental analysis of the company include the investor relations page that most companies will have. Also, all publicly trading companies must file quarterly (10-Q) and annual reports (10-K) per US GAAP reporting so be sure to take advantage of those resources. If you just want an overview, consider reading the “Management’s Discussion and Analysis” section of these SEC reports.

For learning more about how to do fundamental analysis – check out our top investing books page!

Stock Screeners

Finviz – actually this website could fit in many categories. The stock screener is simply my favorite feature of the website. You can apply fundamental and technical criteria to a whole universe of stocks and ETFs. Also it is very easy to save your screener to your profile for free so you can use it daily. The market maps feature is exceptional for visualizing holdings side-by-side in the same industry.

Market maps (bubbles):

In this “Bubbles” view below one can compare operating margin and 1-year performance for the stocks in the S&P 500 index Healthcare sector. Regeneron (REGN) found in the bottom right of the image below has a 36.5% operating margin, stronger than the average healthcare stock in the S&P 500 but considerably worse one-year performance than average – is it undervalued? These visualizations help power these type of analytical questions that you may never investigate otherwise. Get creative you’ll never know what correlations you may discover.

Technical Analysis / Charting Tools

Trading View – is a new site for me but thus far I’ve been impressed. The technical analysis on this site is fantastic. You can easily look at multiple time windows from a 1-minute view to a 1-month view to get easy trend analysis. I also use this site to take notes and if you set up a free profile the site will automatically save the notes for next time! This site allows you to paper trade, screen for cryptos-currencies, and do all sorts of technical analysis! You can add various indicators and overlays to your chart and can access a free public library of user created indicators and overlays.

Indicator for helping to identify market bottoms (screenshot from

Top Brokerages

Fidelity – I am a bit biased, the reason I use this brokerage is because my first employer partnered with them and I have my 401k through Fidelity. In my experience, the customer service is very good and I’ve found overall the site to be helpful and user-friendly. The fees are the industry standard and I have called them and have been able to speak with a representative who has knowledgeable and easy to understand. As mentioned, I am biased as I have not tried many others but my experience has been superb. The site also has some helpful sector reports and stock screeners which are very useful.

Robinhood – don’t let our site’s name trick you – we are not affiliated with this brokerage. This is a $0 fee brokerage which is has a seamless execution platform on mobile and on the web. If you join today and use this link we’ll both get a free stock at no-risk! Even if you try the service and don’t like it you can cancel with no loss and walk away with a free stock. Not a bad deal!

Vanguard – a known low-cost and reliable broker. I have a ROTH-IRA through Vanguard to diversify my tax exposure at retirement. For buying Vanguard commission free ETFs this site is great, however, you do pay industry standard commissions if you buy and sell stocks and listed securities. Overall, no issues noted.

There you have it! These are the resources I would use most often, however, there are tons of other FREE resources out there. What helpful resource did I miss? Comment below.


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