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The Purpose of Life – Turning Pro By Steven Pressfield

The Book in Three Sentences You can divide your life neatly into two parts: before turning pro and after. All you have to do...

The New Buffettology (Part 1)

This video covers the key concepts of the book "The New Buffettology" by Mary Buffett and David Clark. The key premise of the book...

Why M1 Finance is the PERFECT Tool for Our Subscribers

First of all, what is M1 Finance?  M1 Finance is a Member of SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. Since they...

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Our Mission Our goal is to help everyday investors make better investment selections and accelerate their financial independence. The purpose of this site is to help...

Three Pillars of Successful Investing

I. Remain Long-Term Oriented A. Envision your retirement and the time-frame required to get there B. Be patient C. Practice mastery over self through discipline II. Save a...